Queenstown Overview

"Adventure Capital of new Zealand"

Queenstown Overview

This little town in the Southern Island isn't for the faint hearted! With a plethora of activities for the thrill seeker, coupled with some marvellous and picturesque attractions make Queenstown quite a memorable visit. situated in the southern island, with a backdrop of the southern alps and the Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is a mesmeric location. Queenstown might not be the most commercial and industrial city in New Zealand, but it's know very well among adventure activists all over the world.

it's miles home to some of the most popular ski resorts in the entire country, and hosts thousands of visitors every year for the same. other than that, it's far the place for the highest bungy jump in the entire country, the largest rope swing in the world, coupled with other exhilarating activities such as sky diving, ziplining and numerous trekking trails through the nearby hills. not just adventure, Queenstown will also bring you one to one with some of the most beautiful places to be found anywhere on earth, just like the Milford Sound. The city presents itself as one of the high-quality alternatives for a weekend getaway in New Zealand, and makes a very robust case to be for your itinerary if you're journeying New Zealand for every week or greater.

Best Time To Visit Queenstown

December - February (Summer) or June - July (Winter)

Queenstown is fabulous throughout the year. This makes choosing an objective best time to visit fairly difficult, as different people have different requirements. Winters are a great time to visit Queenstown. that is due to many reasons, none more important than the fact that ski fields open during this period, which is usually the main reason people visit Queenstown. The town is bustling and fairly busy during the winters, and the end of June also sees the Queenstown winter festival being celebrated. Summers, however, are a busy time as well. Temperatures are warm and first-class and every person is out and about. you can go for treks, or relax at the shores of the Lake Wakatipu, or even take a swim! it is also a notable time to walk round and discover the metropolis.

Top Places in Queenstown

1). Skydiving, Queenstown

undoubtedly Queenstown's number one tourist attraction, the Queenstown Opera house is world famous. This landmark structure, built on a narrow stretch of land surrounded by water makes for a definite visit. The Queenstown Opera house is an iconic structure of the city, located on Bennelong factor. it is also recognized by UNESCO as a world historical past web site. enjoy the splendor of this shape, through surely taking a stroll around it, consuming in it is restaurants and striking round it's lobbies. Or get a full guided tour into the building, it is records, it's rooms, halls, or even again degree in which the performers all put on their armour. A journey to Queenstown is incomplete with out a photo at the Opera.

2). Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand's third biggest lake. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, it's a mind-blowing setting for boat rides or relaxing on the shore. cutting through the southern alps, this beautiful lake forms a thunderbolt shape when looked at from above, and Queenstown sits right at the corner of the zigzag. The lake itself was fashioned because of glacial movements millennia ago and remains considered one of Queenstown's maximum viewed attractions. A charming characteristic of this lake is it is tidal motion, with it is tide rising and receding by using about five inches each 1/2 an hour. tourists and locals love taking a cruise at the Earnslaw, a steamer ship which cruises around the lake each day, imparting the visitors a few captivating perspectives and panoramas. The lake's seashores also are a first rate spot to loosen up and take a dip in at some stage in the summers.

3). Milford Sound, Queenstown

Milford Sounds is an absolutely mesmerising fiord within the Te Wahipounamu, a world heritage site. situated at about a distance of 300 km from Queenstown, the Milford Sound is a place of miraculous beauty. The rocky mountains cutting through the landscape, almost as if made by a sculptor himself. Milford Sound is extremely popular since it is the only fiord that can be accessed via road. you could discover the fiord through cruises alongside the water, going up to the sea, or additionally have interaction in sports such as canoeing and tramping. Even the force as much as fiord is certainly one of sheer elegance, and plenty of tour buses leaving early inside the day are available. while you're right here, do take a visit to the The Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory, which permits you to gaze at the underwater lifestyles of the fiord, and is located at a depth of 10 metres.

4). Coronet Peak, Queenstown

Coronet peak was New Zealand's first commercial ski field, and is another amazing example of Queenstown's reputation as a superb ski resort. Coronet peak is frequented by many throughout the ski season for some fun and exhilarating action. It has got top class centers, and is known for it is stunning weaving terrains suited to the requirements of all difficulties. The snowmaking on the height is also quite in depth all through the ski season.

5). AJ Hackett Bungy, Queenstown

The adventure never stops in Queenstown. If jumping off a plane is not enough, you can jump off a base tied by a harness. AJ Hackett provide some fantastic journey activities in the entire country, and none better than those here in Queenstown. The town is home to the highest bungy leap in New Zealand, and additionally has 2 other jumps of various heights. no longer simply that, Queenstown also has the world's largest rope swing, has a bridge climb, or even a tandem zip experience.

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