Munnar Overview

"Paradise perfect as natural beauty"

Munnar Overview

Munnar is an incredible, magnificent and lively hill station which is located in the Idukki district. Surrounded by curtains of hills, this hill station is located on the Western Ghats. For the millions of tourists and picnics coming from various cities and other external countries of the country, this hill station is a great place where they can spend their holidays with pleasure.

There is everything in Munnar that a nature lover expects from an ideal natural place such as a watertight tea plantation, ancient valleys, curved twists on the hills, green land that gives health benefits, green vegetation, organisms And the new and unique species of flora, dense forest, wild sanctuary, air filled with natural aromas, good weather and everything else, which leave the tourist The Ian could remember.

Best Time To Visit Munnar

Munnar in Summer (March-June)

The summer season in Munnar is warm, warm and pleasant. Here the summer starts from March which falls till the end of May. During summer, the temperature is between 35 C and 19 C. During the day, there is heat in the weather but at night the temperature varies rapidly and there is a slight cooling in the weather. It is time to visit this area in the summer.

Munnar in Monsoon (July-Sep)

Due to being situated near dense forests, there is enough rain during Monsoon in Munnar. It starts raining since June, which is by the end of September. Due to the rain, the greenery and the atmosphere really become extremely beautiful and remarkable, which attracts tourists very much. However, during this time, many outdoor activism is not possible and tourists should also avoid external activities in monsoon..

Munnar in Winter (Oct-Feb)

Winters in Munnar knock in the month of December and last till the last quarter of February. During this time, the atmosphere remains cold and the temperature is around 10 degree Celsius. This season is intended for trekking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities in Munnar. Anyone who goes on a tour of Munna during this time, take with him warm clothes and sweaters etc. so that his trip may not be fun fail.

How To Reach Munnar

1). By Flight

The nearest airport to Munnar is the Kochi International Airport, which is a total of 125 km from the city. Is located at a distance. From Kochi International Airport, regular flights are loaded for all the major cities of India. After arriving at the airport, you can hawaii taxi to come to the city.

2). By Road

Munnar is connected by road to two states Kerala and Tamil Nadu. By the way, buses are easily available from other cities to Munnar, but this facility does not run smoothly. Munnar is a favorite tourist destination where many tourists like to visit, so many private buses also offer tour packs for the trip. Tour package starts from here for 1000 rupees.

3). By Train

Nearly two railway stations of Munnar are located in Angamaly and Aluva. Both of these railway stations are about 120 km from Munnar. Are at a distance. Angamaly is a major railway station and it is almost connected to all other cities of the country. Travelers can also rent a taxi of 2500 rupees to reach Munnar from Angamaly Railway Station.

Top Places in Munnar

1). Rose Garden, Munnar

The Rose Gardens of Munnar is a one of a kind and eco-friendly home stay involvement, that pulls in guests, particularly nature devotees, from everywhere throughout the world. The Rose Garden, spread more than 2 sections of land of land, is an astounding stretch that is overflowing with an assortment of plants, including flavors, crops like cardamom and vanilla, and an assortment of other natural product trees. These farming manors radiate hypnotizing and awesome smells, which make your stay at the greenhouses a compensating knowledge.

2) Echo Point, Munnar

Eco Point, 13 km from Munnar city It is situated at a distance of which is a popular place among the youth. Nearly every hill station has an echo point and Munnar's Echo Point is situated on the edge of a picturesque river. From this echo point, the tourists make loud calls, which they hear from the reservoir, again and again, the voice that is heard back in the ears quickly gets resonated in the ears.

3). Rajamala, Munnar

A total of 15 km from the hill station of Rajamala, Munnar Is located at a distance. This place is famous as the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. This place is full of picturesque beauty and surrounded by old mountain ranges. Long plains of green vegetation, big grass fields and brooks make Rajamala special for tourists and trackers. This place is located at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level, which is an ideal destination for family tours, picnics and honeymoons.

4). Pallivasal Waterfall, Munnar

Pallivalam Waterfall, there is a small waterfall in Devikulam which is about 8 km from Munnar city. Is located at a distance. This waterfall is situated near the lake of Sita Devi, which is yet another attractive place in Devikulam. This waterfall, picnics and tourists are a great place for tourists who want to spend a quiet and beautiful day away from the city's runaway. Travelers can come here and spend time together with themselves.

5). Tracking, Munnar

that is the Peace Pagoda. The Peace Pagoda, one of the 70 odd such structures worked under the direction of Japanese priest Nichidatsu Fujii, is justified regardless of a visit amid the day by day pujas.

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