Mumbai Overview

"The City of Dreams"

Mumbai Tourism Overview

Mumbai is a city of dreams which is known for its fashion, charming lifestyle, home of Bollywood and some very famous cine artists. Simply put, Mumbai's dream is like the dream of America in the world. Various colors of the city of Mumbai are clearly visible in its cosmopolitan crowds, different places and types of worship and various dishes and present many choices for you.

Moderate mix of Mumbai

Everything is available in Mumbai, from shopping to food and scenery to famous nightlife culture. In addition to brand shopping in this city, Linking Road to Fashion Street and Bandra is the two major road side shopping areas. In the warm afternoon, go by the sea, plan a picnic, and enjoy some of the famous styles of famous Vada Pav in Mumbai, some famous dishes like Sandwich, Kulfi and Phaluda, Panipuri and Maharashtra.

There are three famous beach (sea-side) in Mumbai, Juhu Beach, Chowpatty and Gorai. For lovers of nature lovers who do not like overcrowding, there is a suitable site for Gorai beach. Against other tourist destinations, you can see Mumbai only if you have a vehicle. So long as you are in this city, you should take a taxi or car rental. The afternoon of Mumbai is very hot and the vehicle helps you.

City life, after day (night life)

The nightlife of Mumbai is across the country and it is considered the safest in the world. Polytechners such as nightclubs and lounges, totes, the elbow room, and 21 degrees Fahrenheit are some of which you can choose from. The nightlife of Mumbai ends between one and three o'clock in the night, depending on the area and also on whether it is a club or hotel. And the party still does not end. After the party, go to the famous Big Mills of Colaba and enjoy the delicious Rumali Roti Rolls.

Ice Season's Ice Bar is a new attraction of Mumbai, a rooftop lounge located on the 34th floor, from which the bird's eye view of the night can be seen. There are regular tourists for the tourists who do not want to travel by car. The buses, called the Mumbai Darshan bus, are available which are started from the Gateway of India and leave you on the Gateway by showing all the major tourist destinations.

Overall, there are alternatives for tourists from all age groups and castes in Mumbai, although in spite of short periods, you can roam well in this fast-moving nature city. Traveling within the city is cheap, adequate and convenient, and practical help is available everywhere.

Best Time To Visit Mumbai

Mumbai in Summer (March-May)

Mumbai is situated on the banks of the beach which is also good and bad too. The temperature here remains at one time during the summer, because continuous sea air flows but the moisture remains throughout the entire time.

Mumbai in Monsoon (June-September)

Mumbai has very heavy rains, so during the monsoon, it should definitely take a stroll on Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face or Juhu Beach.

Mumbai in Winter ( October-February)

In Mumbai, very cold falls and during this time, the temperature of the day falls below 18 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius.

How To Reach Mumbai

1). By Flight

Nowadays, domestic flight operations in Mumbai start at 5 a.m. and the last flight ends at 2 o'clock in the night. So the flight is available almost the entire time. Both domestic and international airports are equipped with advanced passenger management and relaxation / transit lounge facilities.

2). By Road

Mumbai is connected by north to Agra road, which is called LBS route which leads to Agra and passes through different states. Eastern and Western Express Highways connect Indore to the North East and Ahmedabad in the North. It takes only one and a half hours for the expressway to reach Pune. This city can also be accessed by National Highway 7 by Goa. From here it can be reached in Mumbai by approximately 9 hours.

3). By Train

Train is the most preferred means of transportation. There are two main lines in Mumbai that connect destinations to the north and east, which are called Western and Central lines. All major junction and terminus stations are equipped with waiting rooms and food courts.

Top Places in Mumbai

1). Gateway of India, Mumbai

Gateway of India is a marvel of architecture in Colaba, Mumbai, and its height is almost eight floors. Considering both Hindu and Muslim architecture architecture, it was created in the year 1911 to commemorate the King's visit. The journey to Mumbai is incomplete without the need to drag your photo with the Gateway of India in the background. The Gateway of India buyers' paradise is near Causeway and some of the famous restaurants of South Mumbai such as Big Mines, Cafe Mondengar and the famous Caix Leopold.

2). Marine Drive, Mumbai

While strolling on the Marine Drive, you can go to the world famous Chowpatty where you can enjoy Mumbai's street food like Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Sandwich and Faluda. Marine Drive has some of the most expensive brand shops and unique handloom shops. Come here in the evening when the light covers the natural beauty of the sea. It is unforgettable to see the horizons of Mumbai with a marine drive at night.

3). Haji Ali Masjid, Mumbai

Located in Worli Seaface of Mumbai, Haji Ali is a major tourist attraction. This mosque is situated on a rock between the sea and it is connected to the coast through a long artificial ghat, from which the crowd of pilgrims migrates to the dargah. A person of any religion, caste or origin takes the experience of the Haje Ali Dargah at least once in his lifetime. You are advised that if you do not follow too many religious rules, Friday's day is not suitable for the journey because there is a lot of crowd here on this day.

4). Hanging Garden, Mumbai

Hanging Gardens is the oldest and best preserved park in the city. Located in a very strategic location, the main attraction of this park is the Old Lady Shu (big shoe), which many photographers lover tries to take a nice photo. Henging Garden is located near the Kemps Corner and stylish porosy showrooms.

5). Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu Beach is accessible for all beach lovers and is full of life all the time. Located approximately 30 minutes from Bandra, this beach is a great place to enjoy the famous cuisine of Mumbai like Bhelpuri, Panipuri, and sandwiches. Eye popsicles, also called gola, are a major attraction for tourists. Juhu Beach is safe due to the presence of life guards and police round the clock. In the evening, many tourists and residents come here to watch the sunset.

6). Mumbai Sea Link, Mumbai

Bandra - Worli Sea Link is the main and latest attraction of Mumbai. It enhances the glory of Mumbai. This hanging bridge helps the drivers decide between the distance between Worli and Bandra in 10 minutes. The hanging bridges were not so famous in India as they were very difficult to construct and the Mumbai C Link completed its absence. The bridges overlook the Arabian Sea and the drivers should keep in mind that the fee for traveling on this bridge is 75 rupees (both sides).

7). Victoria Terminus, Mumbai

VT Station, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Station, has been Mumbai's premier business center for many years. There is a crowd of urban youth here and there are many essential items such as electronic items, computer markets and cloth shops in the pavement and subway of this area. The tourists who have stayed in South Mumbai have many options available under the hotel where they can negotiate 17th Century books, stamps and shops selling coins.

8). Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

Mumbai's Planetarium is one of its kind in India and children can certainly enjoy this place. It is said that the constellations and museums are ideal for afternoon walks for people of all ages and it is located near the Haji Ali juice center and famous Atria Mall.

9). Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai

Get ready to do the biggest amusement park in Asia. It is very fun to spend a day at Mumbai's Essel World on the Disneyland format. This place is not only for those who are afraid of adventure activities and speed, but also in this amusement park, the rides and activities are available to all age groups. Water enthusiasts dream of watering in the Kingdom, where they can enjoy water rides, slides and large wave pools (pool of waves). Access to the places both at the Aseel World and the Water Kingdom, but the best The way is that you go by boat from Gorai Beach.

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