Kodaikanal Overview

"Beauty in the corner of the forest"

Kodaikanal Tourism Overview

Kodaikanal is a beautiful and beautiful hill station situated in the Palani hills in the Western Ghats. The city is famous as the princess of Hill Stations due to its natural beauty and popularity. The city located in Dindagul district of Tamilnadu is above a plateau at an elevation of 2133 meters above sea level.

Kodaikanal is one of the most famous destinations for a holiday today. This honeymoon is the favorite spot of couples. If you have to see the rocks and waterfalls, located in the middle of the thick forest with amazing natural beauty of trees, then go here.Kodaikanal is also famous for its fruit-plums and pears. This place is a heaven for chocolate lovers, there are lots of shops here, where home-made chocolates are sold. Nilgiri oil is also produced in Kodaikanal. The rare Kuriani flower which blows once in every twelve years, can also be seen in Kodaikanal. This place also offers room for adventure activities like Tracking, Boating, Horse Riding and Cycling.

Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal in Summer (Mar-May)

The summer season in Kodaikanal falls in the months of March to May. The average temperature remains between 20 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius. This is good for adventure sports like weather tracking.

Kodaikanal in Monsoon (Jun-Sep)

The city has moderate rainfall and monsoon occurs between June to September. During this, it seems very fresh and enjoyable.

Kodaikanal in Winter (Nov-Jan)

The winter winters in Kodaikanal occur between November and January. During this, the temperature ranges from 8 C to 30 C, which is very pleasant. Time is great for tourist sightseeing and for many tourist activities.

How To Reach Kodaikanal

1). By Flight

Madurai Airport is the nearest airport to Kodaikanal and 120 kilometers from Hill Station. The airport is connected to Coimbatore and Chennai. The nearest international airport is Chennai Airport which is connected to the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

2). By Road

There are regular bus services for Madurai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Trichy and Chennai. Just a cheap and comfortable means to visit the city.

3). By Train

Kodai Road is the nearest railway station, which is 80 km away from Kodaikanal. However, the nearest railway station is Coimbatore Junction, which is connected to Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities.

Top Places in Kodaikanal

1). Beer shola falls, Kodaikanal

Beer Shola Falls is located in a protected forest. It is about 3 kilometers from the bus stand, which is a long waterfall. In earlier days, bear used to drink water at this place, hence the name of this place was beer shola falls. This is a very quiet area. This place can be reached by climbing a steep climbing sidewalk. The place can prove to be an ideal place for nature lovers. During the monsoon, this place looks amazing, and this is the ideal time to travel.

2) Green Valley View (Suicide point), Kodaikanal

The green valley view is also called Suicide Point due to a deep and dangerous ditch. There is a gap of 5,000 feet in the valley. This place is located 5.5 kilometers from the Kodankanal lake. From this place the view of the Waghai Dam looks great. There are a lot of monkeys in this area, who entertain visitors to visit here. There is a ladder, which goes directly to the spot and many shops are on the way, where tourists can buy something in the memory form. The best time to visit Green Valley View is between 10 am and 3 pm. This place is a great place to enjoy natural beauty and relax.

3). Kodai Lake, Kodaikanal

Kodai Lake is an artificial lake, which has been constructed as a star. The lake was built in 1863 and it is Kodaikanal's most popular tourist destination. The lake is half a kilometer from the bus stand. The lake extends over 60 acres.There is a boat club near the lake where robots and paddlebots get rented. Anyone here can hire horses and bicycles and take a walk around the area. There is a path to the periphery of five kilometers around the lake, which is good for a walk. Shaw Path is more popular among local people than tourists. The lake is situated in the center of the city, which is a good place to spend time relaxing.

4). Cockers Walk, Kodaikanal

The search for the Cockers Walk was done by Lieutenant Koller in 1872 and named after this place in his name. This spot is located on the southern slope of Kodaikanal, one kilometer from the Kodankanal lake. Lovers of nature must definitely travel to this place. There are long curved roads on the place, which have beautiful trees and flowers. This place has a telescope, from which you can see the view of the city situated below the valley and the hill. Tickets for entry into the Chockers Walk are required. The best time to go to the cockers' walk is before 2:30 pm i.e. before the sun comes down. The place is the ideal place to roam around and relax in nature's lap.

5). Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

Bryant Park is half a kilometer east of the bus stand. The park is a well-preserved vegetable garden. The park's name is H.D. Bryant's name was, which was a forest officer, and he had planned to build the park in 1908. The park has a wide variety of bushes, trees and cakes. During the peak season this place is filled with colorful flowers. This place has a eucalyptus tree and a Bodhi tree since 1857, due to which there is also the religious significance of this place. There is also a nursery where decorative flowers and trees are sold. During the peak season every year, he also organizes a gardening exhibition in the park. There is a very small fee to enter the park.

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