Dubai Overview

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Dubai Overview

essentially a desert city, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that combines together to form U.A.E. This global city is especially known for its lavish architecture, incredible skylines and plethora of tourist landmarks making it an ideal vacation spot for vacationers from all around the globe. Flaunting its glittering infrastructure amid the extensive sand dunes, the city of Dubai is nestled along a sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf.

The city bustles with potpourri of cultures from all corners of the world sharing a sphere of peace. once known to be barren land, today this man-made miracle has managed to turn heads like never before. apart from boasting its shimmering skyscrapers, fancy hotels, shopping malls and restaurants, the city of Dubai will dazzle you with its beautiful Emirati culture. Burj Khalifa - the tallest manmade building, Dubai Fountain with jets and lights choreographed to music, Atlantis and the Palm, a inn with water and marine-animal parks are among the top tourist destinations in Dubai. Dubai is also known for its adventurous streak when it comes to activities like desert Safari, Sky-diving, Reef and wreck diving, climbing and hiking, kite surfing and wakeboarding, off-roading, desert camping etc. With the largest population of all the seven emirates and the second largest in size, Dubai, in the matter of few years has become a hot spot for the visitors seeking a perfect excursion destination. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by this amalgamation of futuristic wonder and ancient traditions.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

November - April

The weather conditions in Dubai are in general hot no matter while you plan a visit. however, the conditions are milder between the months of November and March. In March, one also can watch the arena's richest horse race, the Dubai world Cup. Dubai shopping festival makes for the peak season, i.e. months of January and February. avoid visiting in July and August when the heat waves become unbearable.

Top Places in Dubai

1). Bruj Khalifa, Dubai

It is a 160 storey sky - scrapper and an observation deck, renowned for being the tallest architectural structure in the world.

Until recently, known to be the world's tallest structure at 828 metres and 160 floors, with over 300m taller than the previous contender in Taipei, Burj Khalifa was designed to be the centerpiece of a large - scale, mixed - use development project. Already overtopping the Dubai skyline, the newly opened tower houses, nine hotels (including The address Downtown Dubai) and a Las Vegas - inspired fountain system adds charm to this architectural marvel. The observation deck at the 124th floor serves as 2nd highest in the world after the Shanghai world financial center, but as the highest open deck in the world at 452m. The view it offers, however, is mind blowing making it worth a visit. also make sure to book your tickets earlier well in order to avoid last moment hassles.

2). Ski Dubai, Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area.

Located in the middle of the desert city of Dubai, Ski Dubai is one of its kind skiing centers started in December 2005. placed in the new Mall of the Emirates (MOE), the center is third largest in the world offering some of the finest facilities. spread across an area of 242,187 square - feet, this wonderland is comprised of five slopes, a chairlift, and real penguins (each one individually named). With about 6000 tons of snow, the temperature of - 4┴C inside is chilly enough for one to have a delicious hot chocolate at St. Moritz Caf_ post - ski session. The admission to this unique place includes skis and snow gear; hats and gloves are sold separately.

3). Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

the world's largest manmade island, Palm Jumeirah currently serves as one of the major sights of the city. one of the largest water parks of Dubai, Aquaventure is located in the Atlantis hotel complex. This amazing water park offers a series of pools, shoots and flumes and few thrilling rides. Adrenaline pumping Tower of Neptune and the equally exhilarating To

4). The Dubai Mall, Dubai

The Dubai Mall, also known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival, is one of the world's largest shopping malls in UAE. Dubai Mall is one of the city Is gold standard malls, offering an entry to the world of entertainment and entertainment. From Dubai Aquarium to the Underwater Zoo (which is managed by Emaar entertainment), the mall serves as a doorway to the wonders of the oceanic life. An amusing collection of marine animals with extra than 300 species can be enjoyed at the aquarium. With a seating capability of 350, Dubai Ice Rink is a family - oriented attraction open to the general public. The rink additionally serves as a multi - reason venue that may be converted right into a live performance arena, or host non-public features. Serving as the entryway to Burj Khalifa, there are limitless alternatives of buying and ingesting. aside from that, the mall also gives a gaming region and cinema complicated and for this reason packing all of the leisurely activities below one roof.

5). Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai

Dubai, mainly renowned for its wonderful infrastructure, is also known for its adventurous streak. due to its architectural brilliance, aesthetic surroundings, and sparkling beaches, Dubai has become a favourite of holiday goers and the adrenaline junkies. but, the heart of Dubai remains its desolated desert. And so, to enjoy the desert a bit more effectively, the city presents 'desert Safari'. The experience is one of its kind and worth every penny spent!

Dune bashing is one of the most popular extreme adventure tours with several vehicle options of 4X4 Safari Jeeps, Sand boards, Quad bikes and Dune Buggies. SUVs with professional drivers are to be had in order to take you to thrilling sand dunes experience even as playing the splendid sundown from a strategic vantage point. the brand new addition to the list of motors is Hummer H3, which might cost a bit more however is really worth an enjoy. The desolate tract Safari experience starts with a motive force of a 4*4 car, arriving at your pick out-up point and taking you to a commonplace prevent. that is in which you'll meet every person else going to the safari out of your tour operator. maximum of these stops even have a farm where you'll be able to trap a glimpse of a falcon, the country wide chicken of the U.A.E, and different farm animals. Then the guide will take you to the dunes, wherein the real fun begins aka dune bashing. feel your adrenaline coursing through, as you plunge from one dune to some other with an experienced motive force. maximum of those drivers also make you sense comfy, try to make you chortle too and are very compassionate. The length of this pastime is ready 20-half-hour with one stopover on pinnacle of a dune; where the lights is quite excellent for a spontaneous photo shoot. After the dune bashing, it's time to loosen up and revel in. So, as the solar sets, you are taken to a significant camp wherein leisure awaits you. maximum of the excursion operators additionally offer you unfastened camel-riding enjoy; it is advisable to test this ahead. however, the camel journey in the wasteland is fairly advocated because it makes your wasteland journey a piece extra real. For an additional fee, you could also revel in sand boarding or quad biking for added thrills. the doorway of the camp welcomes you with Arabic coffee, tea and dates. you could enjoy the relaxation of some time doing sheesha in a single booth of the camp or with the aid of applying henna tattoos from skilled women in the different booth or even through taking pictures in conventional dresses in but some other booth. whilst you eat your common Arabian-delicacies-dinner below the stars, revel in the belly dance and the Tanoura dance.

6). Dolphin Show, Dubai

one among its types in entire middle East, this completely air - conditioned indoor Dubai Dolphinarium serves as a famous attraction for locals and tourists. here visitors can enjoy a 45 - minute demonstration of the marine creatures: northern fur seals and Black Sea bottlenose Dolphins. these aqua mammals exhibit their antics and acrobatics amusing about 1200 spectators. the facility also offers a excellent hazard to swim alongside Dolphins with a few more prices. also present in the complicated are a eating place, present store and school rooms for children. There are other non - aqua sports for kids including reflect Maze, Aladdin magic show, wonderful hen display, and the 5D/7D cinema wherein 3-D films are proven with computer graphics.

7). Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Set against the coast of the Persian Gulf, Jumeirah beach with its sandy coastline is one of the favored destinations among locals as well as tourists. Stretched along the coast, south of the city's historic district, this sandy white strip of sand is among the top beach destinations for the visitors of Dubai. The cluster of high - end resorts and properties such as Burj Al Arab (Arab Tower) hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park, Jumeirah beach motel and Burj Al Arab (Arab Tower) hotel adds grace to the lively waterfront. The vintage - style Madinat Jumeirah, a hotel and buying complicated also charms its presence alongside the period. For adventure buffs, there also are available the facility for jet snowboarding and sun loungers. One can also sit down at eating places coated along the coast and experience the panoramic vista.

8). Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

Aquaventure is the biggest water park in Dubai offering some of the most amazing rides and experiences. The place is perfect for those who are seeking adventure in the desert city. one of the biggest water parks of Dubai, Aquaventure is located in the Atlantis hotel complex. This extremely good water park offers a series of pools, shoots and flumes and some exciting rides. Adrenaline pumping Tower of Neptune and the equally exhilarating Tower of Poseidon are some of the key highlights of the park. to add to the adventurous streak of the park, one can enjoy the breathtaking experience of zip - line and a dolphin pool.

9). Dubai Marina Waterfront, Dubai

Dubai Marina is one of its kind waterfront developments in Dubai area by EMAAR offering a residence in modern artistic setting. Nestled in the region popularly called ´New Dubai═, Dubai Marina is a conceptualized man - made canal city. It gives luxurious lifestyles thru its incredible waterfront improvement alongside the Persian Gulf shoreline. There are classy lodges and upscale shopping and other enjoyment centers within the region. It also contains the Dubai Marina Mall complicated, a shopping and entertainment destination.

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