Coorg Overview

"The hills and the city of trees"

Coorg Overview

Coorg is one of the popular tourist destinations of Karnataka. Coorg is a district situated on a hill near the Western Ghats in the southwestern part of Karnataka, which is located at an altitude of approximately 900 meters to 1715 meters above sea level. Korg is called Scotland of India and it is also called Kashmir of Karnataka is.

This place is famous for the reason of the greenery found here, the beautiful valleys, mysterious hills, large coffee plantations, tea plantations, orange trees, dizzying peaks and rushing rivers, attracted the attention of the tourists. is. This is the famous Weekend Gateway of the people of South India, people of South Kannada come here to specially weekend. Coorg reminisces of an old world, in ancient times, the charm of ancient times gets noticed. Visitors can take advantage of the beauty of the eastern and western slopes and admire the scenes of heartwarming here.

Best Time To Visit Coorg

Coorg in Summer (March-June)

Coorg's weather is pleasant during the summer. Here is the summer season from March to June, during which the temperature ranges from 22 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Coorg in Monsoon (July-Sep)

The monsoon season in Coorg lives from July to September. During this time there is moisture in the weather, but there are four moons in the beauty here. In this weather, tourists can come as per convenience.

Coorg in Winter (Oct-Feb)

The winter season in Coorg is from October to February. During this, the temperature is 11 to 28 degrees Celsius. This season is the best weather trip to Coorg.

How To Reach Coorg

1). By Flight

The nearest airport to Coorg is Mysore and Mangalore. Mangalore Airport is approximately 168 km away. Does matter. The distance from this airport to Madikeri is 140 km it occurs. Distance from Coorg to Mysore Airport 121 km it occurs.

2). By Road

Coorg is well connected by road to all the major cities of the state of Karnataka. Buses operated by the state government from Coorg to all the nearby towns and states. Buses are easily available from Coorg to Bangalore, Mangalore, Hassan, Kannur, Thalassery etc. Many state roads pass through Coorg like - Makutta - Peurambadi road.

3). By Train

The nearest railway station to Coorg is at Mysore, 95 Km away. You can hire a taxi from Mysore to reach Coorg. or You can use Bus to reach Coorg.

Top Places in Coorg

1). Abbey Waterfall, Coorg

Abbey Waterfall, 7 - 8 km from Madikeri city. Is located at a distance of where tourists coming to Coorg are the most visited. There is a narrow path here, through which the tourist can reach the coffee gardens and also see the spices' estate. Excursions to Abbe Waterfalls are the most enjoyable in Coorg. The tranquil atmosphere here is to please the mind.

In the summer, this waterfalls are a bit dry, but still tourists can come here for a walk. There is also a Hengig bridge nearby which provides a great view to tourists. The nearby Kali Mata Temple is also located nearby where tourists should not forget about touring.

2) White River Rafting in Barapole River, Coorg

Barapole riveris a well known white waterway boating goal in Coorg. The white foamy waterway with fast waters and rapids, moving through wonderful scenes, makes for a perfect stream boating knowledge. Set against the background of the Western Ghats and circumscribing the Deccan Plateau, Coorg is a famous goal among explorers. Experience the excite of adventure as the rough waters of the waterway hurl you about and the breeze races through your hair.

3). King's seat, Coorg

Raja's seat is the most important place in Madikeri in Kurg district. It is a garden where seasonal flowers blossom and there are many beautiful waterfalls. All of these waterfalls go from music which look very beautiful to watch. The name of this garden was named after Kodagu kings. The King's seat is a small pavilion made of bricks and mortars and it stands with the help of four pillars.

4). Iruppu Waterfalls, Coorg

This waterfall is situated on the Nagarhole road and it is located very close to Wayanad district. The famous Rameshwar Temple is also situated near this waterfall. Some scholars believe that Lord Rama and Lakshman also came here in search of Sita, Lord Rama came here and thirsted and he asked Lakshman to bring water.

5). Omkareshwar Temple, Coorg

Omkareshwar Temple is located in the middle of Kodi's Madikeri Hill Station. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it was built in 1820 by King Lingarajendra. This temple is influenced by the architecture of Muslim period because in this period Hadar Ali and Tipu Sultan ruled in this area. There is also a dome in the center of this temple and there are four turret on its four corners. The look of this temple looks like a dargah. There is a Shivling on the entrance of the temple. There is a water tank in this temple and in the middle - there is a pavilion in the middle which is connected to the entire temple. The name of this temple has been called Omkareshwar because some people believe that the Shivalinga of this temple was brought by Kashi from Kashi.

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