Ooty Overview

"Queen of the Hills"

Ooty Overview

Ooty is a beautiful city situated in the beautiful hills of Nilgiris. The official name of this city is Utkumand and it has been given the short name of Ooty for convenience of tourists. Located in the south of India, many tourists visit this hill station. This city is a part of Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris district. Its beauty increases due to the Nilgiri hills around Ooty city. These hills are also called Blue Mountains (blue mountains). Some people believe that the name of this place was due to the Kuruji flowers which rose once in 12 years in the valleys. These flowers are of blue and when these flowers blossom, the valleys are painted in blue color.

Best Time To Visit Ooty

Ooty in Summer (March-May)

The summer season in Ooty starts in March and lasts for the first week of May. However, like the other parts of southern India, the summers here are not hot and humid. In summer the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. The time of day can be hot, depending on which time you get out, but the nights are definitely cool and pleasant.

Ooty in Monsoon (June-September)

The monsoon season in Ooty starts in the first week of May and lasts till the end of September. During the monsoon, the temperature falls to 20 degree Celsius. There is heavy rainfall which disrupts the normal life of this hill station. However, due to rain, these mountains look more green than before.

Ooty in Winter (Oct-Feb)

The cold weather in Ooty is very cold and dry. Fast winds run throughout the day, due to which it is very difficult to get out of the house without warm clothes. The cold season starts in October and lasts till February. The month of January is the coldest. During this time the temperature of the night falls to 4 degree Celsius.

How To Reach Ooty

1). By Flight

Ooty does not have a domestic or international airport. The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport. Although a new project has been started, under which regular helicopter services will be provided from Coimbatore to Ooty. J. B. Aviation is planning to start a helicopter service and for this it will use the Bell 407 helicopter

2). By Road

Ooty is connected by other cities and cities by good roads. Various cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Bangalore, Kochi and Calicut can easily reach Ooty. Many people also use state transport buses to go to Ooty because they are comfortable as well as inexpensive compared to private taxis. If you are planning to travel along your own vehicle on the way, it would be good to check the various paths before starting the journey of Ooty.

3). By Train

South Railway connects Ooty to other parts of India. There are regular night trains available to Ooty. Utkkumandalam is the railway station of Ooty and you will have to change the train from Mettupalayam station as only meter gauge line goes up to Ooty. In fact, the Nilgiris Mountain Service is one of India's oldest railway track.

Top Places in Ooty

1). Ooty Lake, Ooty

Ooty Lake is the most popular place for tourists visiting Ooty. This lake is man-made, which was built by John Sullivan in 1824, and it spread over an area of approximately 65 acres. During the monsoon, this lake was created by collecting water coming out of the mountains. However, due to its requirement, it was evacuated almost three times. It was constructed by local fishermen for fishing purposes. The lake is no longer in actual shape and due to the many geographical factors and has become smaller due to bus stand, race course and lake park.

2) Botanical Gardens, Ooty

Botanical Gardens or Gutment Botanical Gardens are located in Ooty city and spread over 22 hectares of area. These gardens, made on the slopes of the Doddabetta peak, look like green rugs. The Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department is responsible for the management of these gardens. Millions of tourists visit every year to visit these parks because innumerable plants of different species are found here. These plants include both native and indigenous plants. These include herbs, shrubs, trees, bonsai plants and furnace. There are remnants of a tree trunk in the premises of the garden, which is believed to be about 20 million years old.

3). Doddabetta Peak, Ooty

Dodabetta Peak is the highest peak of the Nilgiris hills, and in Kannada it means a big mountain. This mountain is 8650 feet high and it is 9 km from Ooty city. Is located at a distance of and can be reached by Ooty - Kotagiri way. A clear view of the Chamundi hills can be seen from Dodabeta peak. The other peaks seen from Dodabetta are Kalkudi, Kattadadu and Hekuba. These three peaks are located near the Udkandalam. Dodabeta's uniqueness lies in its peak which is actually a flat curve.

4).Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Ooty

Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a railway system based in India's state of Tamil Nadu, which was built during the British Raj in 1908. Initially it was operated by Madras Railway. This railway is still operated by steam locomotive.

5). Rose Garden, Ooty

Rose garden lies in the heart and soul of Ooty. The construction stay to be magnificent and there are small tunnel made where in the rose are planted.

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