Singapore Overview

The Night Safari Overview

located next to the Singapore Zoo, the night Safari is a one of its kind in the world, allowing tourists a tete-a-tete with the nocturnal animals.

established in year 1994, the night Safari is the worldÍs first place that takes you into the world of animals at night without causing them any kind of discomfort. more like a wildlife reserve than a safari, the facility is well-managed, offering an insight of the natural habitat of about 2500 animals residing here. around 130 species like the Malayan Tiger, endangered Asian Elephants and the Malayan tapir can be visible during the safari in a relaxed mood. The fierce animals such as tigers and leopards are behind the barriers but the friendly ones like deer roam freely around. whilst you explore the 35 hectares of dense forest, it will take some time to adjust to the dim lights. you can either take a tram, a 35-minute ride with live commentary, or explore the facility on foot exploring the various geographical zones of the world from rugged Himalayan topography to AfricaÍs swampy banks.

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