Gulmarg Overview

"Landscape, lakes and flowers plaintiffs"

Gulmarg Overview

Gulmarg means "flower plaintiff". Gulmarg, situated at an altitude of 2730 meters in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, was discovered in 1927 by the British.Ningli Nahlah and Otter Circle Walk, are two main attractions of Gulmarg. The muddy ice niggles of the mountainous hill flutter in Nallayah. Next, it passes through the hills and joins the Jhelum river in Sopore. Travelers can see this Nallayah, which is another tourist destination of Gulmarg, from the bridge built in Khilmangarh. "Outer circle walk" is also a tourist destination of Kashmir.

The pleasant weather of Gulmarg, the magnificent landscape, the flowers bloomed with flowers, the pine trees, the beautiful flora attract visitors. Gulmarg has become a picnic and camping spot due to its greenery and mild climate.

Best Time To Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg in Summer (March-June)

Gulmarg's summer is very sweet. The summer lasts from March to May. The temperature here is 13 to 29 degrees in summer, due to which many tourists come here.

Gulmarg in Monsoon (July-Sep)

The rain in Gulmarg starts in July and continues till October. Here the rainfall is very low. If you go to Gulmarg in monsoon, do not forget to take a night out and take the queen.

Gulmarg in Winter (Oct-Feb)

In Gulmarg, winter falls from November to February. The temperature here is between 2 to 9 degrees in this season. In winter there is heavy snow turn. In this area, ice drift has been recorded 12 meters. This season is great for adventure sports. In the heavy snow turn, not only do the sailing skiing but also play with ice.

How To Reach Gulmarg

1). By Flight

Srinagar Airport is the nearest airport to Gulmarg, which is only 65 kilometers away. Taxi and jeep service is available to go from Gulmarg to the airport. Regular flights to Srinagar are available from cities like Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh.

2). By Road

It is connected to many cities of Jammu and Kashmir by Gulmarg Road. Travelers can visit Gulmarg by any government or private bus according to their convenience. Residents of North India can also come to Srinagar by car.

3). By Train

Jammu Tavi railway station is the nearest railway station of Gulmarg. Direct transit is carried out from North India to Jammu. Trains from Jammu station to many cities of India, such as Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh, are being used.

Top Places in Gulmarg

1). Gondola Ride, Gulmarg

Gondola Lift is a cable car designed by the Kashmir government and French company Pomagashi. The sky is known by tourists all over Gulmarg, due to which the lift is quite popular. The 13500 feet high elevation from the coastal area makes 2 lanes of 5 kms. One from Gulmarg and one from Kaungdor and the other coyote. Kungdor - Gondola Station is 3099 meters high, and the Afrah station is located at an altitude of 3979 meters.

2) Golf Course, Gulmarg

The golf course of Gulmarg was built during the British rule in 1904 and in 1922 the first golf tournament was played. This golf course, one of the tallest golf courses in the world, built at an elevation of 2650 meters above sea level. Andrew played golf in the green field of this beautiful golf course. Golf enthusiasts can play golf in this 18 hole course with a one-day membership. Now this golf course is under the Department of Jammu Kashmir Tourist Development Corporation.

3). St. Mary's Church, Gulmarg

The Saint Mary Church of Gulmarg, formed during the British rule in 1902. It has been built in British style, and every year many tourists come to see it. This 110-year-old church of Gulmarg is one of those churches that was formed during the British rule in India.

4). Ningle Nallah, Gulmarg

Nungali Nallah is a beautiful lake flowing 10 km away from Gulmarg, in which the melting snow of the hill of Afrati flows through the lake of Alpathar to the Ningali Nullah. It goes along with Sauper river in Jhelum. The water of this river is cold like ice.

Along with this Nahlah, along with hills, greenery, flowers blooming in the gardens, snow-covered hills and pine trees attract tourists to themselves. Because of its strengths, it is somewhat famous as a picnic spot. Nangali Nahlah can go through the Salani Road route. You can reach here by any taxi or other means.

5). Khilmandurg, Gulmarg

Khulman Marg, Gulmarg is just 4 km from the bus stop. The tourists can come here, the tourists can walk out. In these litigants surrounded by hills, many types of flowers bloom in Vasant Ritu. There are many beautiful tourist spots in the Khulnmarg, like the two mountains of Nanga Parbat, Himalaya, Nun and Kun, which attract the lovers very much. There are also many tourist sites near the Khulnmarg.

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