Goa Overview

"A Great Destination"

Goa Tourism Overview

Over the years Goa has been the attraction of the west coast in India.To start the day, you can enjoy a traditional continental breakfast which you will find in many places near the footpaths of Candolim situated in the heart of North Goa or Panaji in the city center. What better way than this? Goa is one of the few selected places in India where taking beer with breakfast is a common thing. Walking around Candolim's streets is best or you can rent a two-wheeler, whose one day rent is not more than 250 rupees.

Goa is India's most visited tourist destination. Goa is considered to be the best destination for honeymoon, family trip, trip with friends, any kind of holiday. Goa is the most famous among the youth. Everyone wants to spend their holiday there with their friends. Goa's fun atmosphere, party, beach, adventure sports, natural beauty and the history here forces everyone to love it. In India, Goa is the preferred tourist destination, There is also a lot of discussion in foreign countries. There are thousands of tourists coming from abroad every year in Goa. Goa should spend at least 1 week, then you can enjoy the rest of it there.

Goa - Paradise to party

In the evening Goa turns into a paradise of parties. Here the police know that Goa wakes up at 3 o'clock in the morning and the owners of the nightclubs and restaurants have a suggestion for you music until morning, that there can be trouble in going to Goa without such a long night, because of the ease here Do not get taxi from.There are two very famous nightclubs in North Goa near the Calgute beach - Titos Cafe and the Mambus Cafe. While roaming the streets in these places, you can enjoy the drinks and all kinds of music, along with the fine food at any of the restaurants along the road and bars. Apart from the traditional nightclubs, there are good parties in some smaller places, but it is not easy to get away with the waves and the police.

Best Time To Visit Goa

Goa in Summer (March-May)

Summer is from March to May. Temperature of day 32 degrees From 39 degrees And sometimes at night sometimes from 28 degrees. Nights are cold due to low temperature. May is the hottest month of the year and those who come here may have to use 'suntan lotion'.

Goa in Monsoon (July-Sep)

Although it is not possible to go to the beaches of Goa at the time of monsoon, but those who come here can get lots of waterfalls and waterfalls. Apart from this, the ocean is on the boom and wonderful views can be seen in the form of poisonous waves and showers. The temperature at the time of monsoon is 22 degrees Celsius. From 28 degrees And nights can be cold.

Goa in Winter (Oct-Feb)

Winter time temperature is 16 degrees. From 18 degrees Goa is very cold due to its occurrence. On the other hand it is comfortable to go to the beach. Winters are not dry at Goa and you can enjoy the gentle temperatures on the beaches.

How To Reach Goa

1). By Flight

Goa is the only airport, 'Goa International Airport' It is located near Waskodigama. From here there is both the National and International flights.

2). By Road

It is a good choice to reach Goa by road too. Very private and government buses run here. Volvo runs from Mumbai, many people reach Goa by bus. Public transport inside Goa is very good. People can book a two-wheeler for traveling here. This car gets there in every intersection, hotel. To drive these two wheelers, you just have to have a driver's license, then just complete Goa is yours. You can go wherever you want.

3). By Train

There are 2 railway lines in Goa - South Western Railway and Konkan Railway. The Konkan Railway line has been constructed in the year 1990, with this train connected to all western parts of the country. Goa's capital is not a railway station in Panaji. Other cities of Goa, Vasodigama and Madgaon are big junctions of Goa.

Top Places in Goa

1). Baga and Kalangute Beach, Goa

Baga and Kalangute - this beach is one of the busiest beaches of Goa. Bala Beach starts from where Kalangute beach ends. It is difficult to understand where both are from. Baga beach is more developed than Kalangute beach, and the crowd is also less. People go here to enjoy water sports. If you want to enjoy good food and wine, in the meantime you will find many restaurants. Around the time of Baga beach there is a crowd of people all around, there is Famous Titos and Cafe Mebo in nearby.

2) Anjuna Beach, Goa

Anjuna - this is in North Goa. Every Wednesday there is a fly market, where people come in very high quantities and enjoy shopping. A crowd of people can always be seen in the meantime.

3). Colva Beach, Goa

Colva - This is more Famous Beach, where the crowd is even more. Along with the tourist on weekends, there is also a lot of local people. There are more crowds in the time of October, because at this time people visit the Colva church from abroad. This area is a great development, where the hotel, bar, restaurant and food stall are all found. In the meantime Indians are replaced by foreigners. The foreigners do not enjoy much here, because there is no noise at night.

4). Dudhsagar Waterfall, Goa

Located on the Mandvi river on the border of Goa-Karnataka, the Mandvi River flows from the Goa-Karnataka border, on which the Dudhsagar waterfall is situated. This waterfall is the fifth and the world's 227th most beautiful waterfall during the monsoon, the form of this waterfall becomes charming, which people come here from far away to see.this watterfall is about 60 Km away from Panji, the capital of Goa.This waterfall is the favorite place for Bollywood artists. Many films have been shot here, some scenes of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's Chennai Express were shot here in Bollywood.

5). Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Goa

Church of St. Francis of Assisi, is the oldest church of Diu, which was built in 1593. Saint's real name was Giovanni de Pitro de Berndon, but his father called him Fransisco. He was an Italian Catholic preacher who later became known as Pope Gregory IX on July 16, 1228.

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