Fujairah Overview

"A Cultural Retreat"

Fujairah Overview

Calm and serene, the Emirates of Fujairah is a picturesque place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary city life. This youngest emirate is an industrial city settled along the east coast still reflecting an essence of simplicity in its life style.

Separated from rest of the U.A.E through Hajar Mountains, Fujairah offers an enchanting landscape and a simple life-style. carrying on with its rich cultural heritage, the city is a fascinating fusion of 70km long sandy coastline and lofty mountain ranges. it's also offers it tourist with Pandora box full of historical sites. often regarded as the Arabian Jewel, Fujairah is the only emirate that isn't located along the Arabian Gulf. The sunny beaches of the emirate supports several maritime activities including sailing, rowing, water surfing, yachting, deep-sea fishing and swimming almost throughout the year. Fujairah is host to the annual powerboat racing championships. lately, there has been an boom in the influx of travelers from Europe, in particular Germany and Russia. mainly known as a commercial enterprise middle and industrial hub of U.A.E, the town oozes allure with its herbal raw splendor.

Best Time To Visit Fujairah

September to December and January to March

The weather conditions of Fujiarah are warm and fine almost throughout the year. Temperature falls to round 25 deg C between the months of October and March when the weather remains cool. For remaining part of the year, it is sunny with temperature hovering around 40 degrees.

Top Places in Fujairah

1). Bull Butting, Fujairah

Bull Butting in Fujairah is a whole rage and is a popular family event. introduced by PortugalÍs, today it serves as a major attraction of the city. Bull Butting was first introduced in United Arab Emirates by the Portugal, where it started between 16th and 17th century. This popular event is organized each Friday attracting a number of tourists and families on open field. The battle commence with 20 bulls combating with each other with winners moving on to next round. The final winner bull of the battle is commemorated with its value increased. although the event is quite enjoyed via all people inclusive of site visitors, but there's constantly a chance of calamity. The bulls, although are secured nicely with the aid of their attendants, they occasionally generally tend to interrupt out of manipulate and charge towards spectators.

2). Al Hayl Castle, Fujairah

Established in year 1830, Al-Hayl castle is one of the renowned structures of Fujairah, snuggling in the lap of lofty Hajar Mountains situated close to Al Hayl Village. Set amidst a panoramic vista of date palms and mountains, the place is a paradise for photographers. although not very big in size, its wind towers offer a magnificent view of the surrounding area. situated only a short drive from the city center, Al-Hayl castle with such fascinating past is worth exploring. A caretaker is normally there to show around the place (tip appreciated). The best time to explore the castle is when the sun is low.

3). Fujairah Beach, Fujairah

Fujairah situated along eastern side of United Arab Emirates lies on the Gulf of Oman instead of Arabian Gulf coastline like all other emirates. other than renowned for its picturesque beauty and tranquility, these sandy coastlines are also famous for their maritime water sports. In fact, Fujairah is host to countryÍs best snorkeling and scuba diving sites. For those who simply want to bask under the glory of sun, there is excellent arrangement of sunshades, cafes, lounges and restaurants at beaches. The area serves as perfect spot for a day trip for local families.

4). Bithnah Fort, Fujairah

Built in year 1735, Bithnah fort is nestled along the main highway, 13 km away from Fujairah city. It once played a significant function in the defence of the U.A.EÍs eastern region. The fort was originally crafted with stones, mortar, plasters resulting in square shaped structure, and is adorned with two watchtowers on the west side. Bithnah fortress is also stated to be a site of 2nd millennium BC megalithic T-formed tomb that changed into once more installed use at some point of first millennium BC. once you've got reached the castle, it offers a picture ideal view of the encompassing vicinity. The lofty mountains and palm timber add charm to the already captivating photograph. currently status in distraught, this shape in its years of glory turned into seemed as the fundamental fortress of the region. The real origin of the castle is vague which adds to the thriller of this location and for this reason attracting tourists in large number. it is also effortlessly reachable as avenue sign are marked virtually.

5). Al Badiyah Mosque, Fujairah

Also known as Ottoman Mosque, Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest mosque in U.A.E, named after the town that once surrounded the holy place. built in 1446 ad, Al-Bidyah Mosque is simple mud and brick structure exhibiting the accomplishment of craftsmanship of that time and region. The mosque features 4 pointed domes and a single internal pillar helping it. The prayer hall of the mosque is adorned with arches and aeration openings along with a mihrab (prayer niche pointing to Mecca). A red carpet with white polka dots and books in the wall shelves adds charm to the hall. Nestled along the coastal road on a low hillside, non-Muslims are allowed to look inside the mosque but must be accurately dress. They should take-off their shoes and women need to cowl their hair. One also can witness a huge graveyard close to the mosque with a widespread tomb going back to Iron Age. several artifacts, pottery pieces and arrowheads excavated show to be relationship back to as a minimum 1000 BC.

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