Maharastra Overview

"Gateway to the heart of India"

Maharastra Tourism Overview

Many such beautiful sea beaches in Maharashtra where many exciting activities are also available for tourists, it is the best place for you to enjoy marine delights in Maharashtra. From horse riding to camel ride, from scuba diving to surfing and swimming, you can enjoy a lot of fun here. And not only that, if you are very eager to eat Authentic Sea Food, then this is where you will find plenty of food to eat and you will fulfill your dream of eating the finest food.If you are a vegetarian, even then no matter! Here you will also find different delicious chats from the best of Chopatti.

Apart from all these, you will experience the most beautiful and quiet moment of your life by sitting on the seashore at sunset here. Beautiful waves of ocean waves, melodious sound of the waves and sunset! It sounds great just by listening. So let's go on a tour of such beautiful beaches of Maharashtra, where the sights will enchant you.

Best Time To Visit Maharastra

Maharastra in Summer (March-May)

March denotes the start of summer season in Maharashtra, and it keeps going until May. Brutal warmth is watched all through the season as the mercury ascends to 42 degrees Celcius. This is absolutely not the best time to investigate the state.

Maharastra in Monsoon (June-September)

Monsoons arrive in June, and overwhelming deluges are seen till September. July and August get the most extreme precipitation. This is likewise not an appropriate season to divulge the state. The climate is exceptionally wet and sticky.

Maharastra in Winter ( October-February)

October to February is the winter season in Maharashtra. This is the ideal time to circumvent the state since winters are mellow here. The mercury sneaks between 12 to 25 degrees Celcius. The climate is inviting in many urban areas and towns

How To Reach Maharastra

1). By Flight

Mumbai is the capital of Maharastra. Nowadays, domestic flight operations in Mumbai start at 5 a.m. and the last flight ends at 2 o'clock in the night. So the flight is available almost the entire time. Both domestic and international airports are equipped with advanced passenger management and relaxation / transit lounge facilities.

2). By Road

Mumbai is connected by north to Agra road, which is called LBS route which leads to Agra and passes through different states. Eastern and Western Express Highways connect Indore to the North East and Ahmedabad in the North. It takes only one and a half hours for the expressway to reach Pune. This city can also be accessed by National Highway 7 by Goa. From here it can be reached in Mumbai by approximately 9 hours.

3). By Train

Rail is the most preferred means of transportation. There are two main lines in Mumbai that connect destinations to the north and east, which are called Western and Central lines. All major junction and terminus stations are equipped with waiting rooms and food courts.

Top Places in Maharastra

1). Ganpatipule beach, Maharastra

Located on the coast of Ganpatipule, about 375 kilometers from Mumbai, white and silver are sand. Apart from the other parts of Maharashtra, there is no crowd in this middle, so you can come here and enjoy a lot of your peace of mind. This is known mainly for kayaking games.

2). Kashid Beach, Maharastra

Kashid Beach, situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, creates a picturesque scene with clear blue sea water and white bright sand like crystal. Located just 30 kilometers away from Alibag, this beach is the best place to spend a few moments of relief from the world-renowned initiative. You can also enjoy a lot of horse riding here.

3).Marve Manori Beach, Maharastra

If you like to party, then surely come in the meantime. It is also known as Marve Manori Beach Borival, which is about 40 km away from Mumbai. It is also a small fishing village where you will see the beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset.

4). Vengurla Malvan Beach, Maharastra

Situated at a distance of approximately 514 kilometers from Mumbai, the tall Vangurla Malvan beach, surrounded by dense green lush trees, mango trees, coconut trees and date palm trees, is a perfect place for tourists.

5). Tarkarli Beach, Maharastra

Tararkali village is a small village situated about 160 km away from Kolhapur. The starli beach situated on the banks of the Kärli River and the Arabian Sea is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic views of nature.

6). Kihim Beach, Maharastra

Surrounded by coconut and pine trees, located around 120 km from Mumbai and near Alibag, there is a picturesque coastal beach between Kahim and Mandwa. You can also enjoy surfing and camping here too.

(7). Harihareshwar Beach, Maharastra

One of the most famous beaches of Maharashtra, Srivardhan is best known for its Harihareshwar beach, water sports and tasteful seafood. Nearly 200 kilometers from Mumbai, Kalbhairav Shiva temple is also established near this center.

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