Auckland Overview

"The Kiwi city of volcanoes"

Auckland Overview

Auckland is one of new Zealand's oldest and most historical cities, and also it's largest and most populous. It also serves as one of the most important tourist hubs of the country. It has a number of volcanic islands and mountains and the city is dotted with lovely green parks and gardens, a variety of museums and tons of adventure activities.

Auckland has many activities and attractions on offer for the traveller. This vibrant city truly has it all. it is numerous volcanoes are world renowned, a total of 48. yes, forty eight! The city literally sits on a basaltic volcanic field that is still energetic. The volcanic islands near the city even provide for notable excursions and adventure sports. now not just that, the city is known worldwide for it is love affair with boats and the sea. so much so it is referred to as the 'city of Sails' and has dominted the america's Cup in recent years. This deep courting is properly captured within the Maritime Museum of Auckland, that's just one of the several museums inside the town, devoted to the fields of artwork, national and herbal records, and even plant and animal history. Auckland additionally offers a excellent collection of adventure sports, the maximum famous being the bungy soar from the harbour bridge and the particularly tall Sky Tower.

Best Time To Visit Auckland

December - February (Summer)

The summers are the on season period in Auckland. the warm temperatures mean that the entire city is out and about. The parks and gardens are lush and colorful, and the weather all through the day stays nice. this is additionally a perfect time to visit the seashores, and conditions for touring islands consisting of Rangitoto and Waiheke are most advantageous. clean skies and good visibility ensures that view points which include the Sky Tower are absolutely operational as nicely.

Top Places in Auckland

1). Sky City Tower, Auckland

Auckland's Sky Tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, soaring towards the heavens. This iconic tower provides some unforgettable views from it is observation decks. At a height of 328 metres, Sky Tower is in fact the highest man-made structure in the whole southern hemisphere. The tower is a famous attraction because it gives you a vantage point of the city that you can get otherwise only if you have a helicopter. now not just that, the tower has adrenaline speeding sports. The Sky walk, a walk on a slim platform circling around the tower at about a hundred ninety metres excessive, or if taking walks is simply too uninteresting, you could also honestly bounce off, an possibility definitely supplied by using the Sky bounce (sure there will be a harness). aside from those, there are cafes and restaurants on the tower as well, namely the rotating Orbit 360, the aesthetic Sugar membership and the Sky Cafe.

2). Kelly Tarlton Sea Life Aquarium, Auckland

Dive into this fascinating Sea life aquarium, with engaging displays and intriguing tunnels taking you through over 30 live animal exhibits. This Sea life Aquarium is so named due to the extensive contributions by the marine archaelogist Kelly Tarlton. The aquarium is full of different exhibits, such as the Antarctic Ice adventure and Scott Base right at the beginning, which will bring you to see the largest Antarctic penguin colony exhibit in the world, followed by the hut used by Scott Base in his expedition to the continent. you can even dive into the waters, guided by way of experts, and explore the waters in Shark Dive Xtreme. Underwater glass tunnels take you via the Pacific Shark region and the Shipwreck Explorer, before that is the stingray bay that is domestic to 2 species of stingray and plenty of other fish species. finally, the excursion ends with the Fish Gallery and the Seahorse nation.

3). One Tree Hill, Auckland

One Tree Hill is the second largest volcanic mountain in Auckland. it is visited often because of it's parks, and it also features an Obelisk and the Stardome Observatory. One tree hill is so called because when the Europeans arrived, there was a solitary totara tree at the summit of the hill, which was cut by the British and subsequently replaced with a Monterey pine. The tree was cut down for good in 2001 as it created an unrest among the indigenous Maori, who believed that the non-native tree should not be atop the 'Maungakiekie'. there is an Obelisk on the pinnacle of the hill, which serves as a memorial for the Maori people. It additionally serves because the resting place for Sir John Logan Campbell, who's contributions to the area have been extensive. There are two parks at the hill, specifically the only Tree Hill area and the Cornwall Park. The Stardome O beservatory is located in the One Tree Hill domain, and is a famous attraction of the hill.

4). Auckland Zoo, Auckland

This 40 acre zoological garden is home to some 120 species of native and exotic animals. The zoo has evolved immensely since it first opened in 1922, acquiring various new animals and expanding greatly in size. It has tons of various enclosures and exhibits for the unique animals, which include the hippo river, the orangutan trail, and the tiger territory. It even has a youngsters play vicinity with animals like chickens, guinea pigs and frogs displayed. The Auckland Zoo homes the new Zealand Centre for Conservation medicinal drug, the first such group in the international.

5). Sky City, Auckland

The entire complex at the base of Sky Tower has many facilities. It houses luxury hotels, plenty of bars and restaurants, and a large theatre among others. The casino is one of the excellent in the country. It attracts more than 3500 people on a daily basis, and has all the possible casino games you may think about, from table video games such as blackjack and poker to slot machines, and also has live music and performances for the ultimate casino experience.

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